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Ultimate productivity with the finest biological indicator


Realease your  H2O2 sterilization loads as fast as never before!

Company with Managment ISO 11138-1: 2017 compliant


Compact and easy
to handle design.

traceability software
Bionova Cloud.

Two simultaneously
reading positions.

Pc or mobile
connectivity via USB,
Bluetooth of Wi-Fi

Temperature control:
using LED light, via
App or Traceability
Software and/or
position for external

Virtual ticket
generation with
Bionova Wireless
Assistant App.

Fluorecence reading:
radial configuration of
light source and
detectors that
optimize the excitation
of the fluorochrome

Results indicated
by colored LEDs
and alarm sounds.

Biological Indicators for plasma or Vaporized Peroxide sterilization

Top performance.
Compliance adherence.

Hyper System’s ultimate productivity helps you to meet the demand of challenging OR schedules and get cost-savings with a fast instrument turn-around.

  • Load release has never been so fast and accurate: whith this 5-miunutes readout system, the fastest available, yo can improve and speed up your workflow significantly


  • Saves 10-19 minutes when comparing with competive products.


  • Need for an emergency load release gets minimized. Release with confidence and get a safer operation.


  • Fast and accurate also mean time and cost saving with reduced instrument quarentine. More results with less inventory.

Advanced &
Innovative design.

Leading technology to get accurate results. Engineered to be reliable and easy to use.

  • No set up required. Just place the activated BI and incubation will start automatically.
  • Remaining incubation time for ongoing incubations can be verified using Bionova® Cloud or Bionova® Wireless Assistant.
  • Maintenance free Auto-reader with self-diagnostic technology.


    *Compatible with multiple sterilization cycles.
    FDA cleared – 510(k) Premarket Notification number K221641 for use in:

    -Sterrad® 100S Sterilization System.

    -Sterrad® NX Sterilization System (Standard and Advanced Cycles).

    -Sterrad® NX with ALLClear® Technology Sterilization System (Standard and Advance Cycles).

    -Sterrad® 100NX Sterilization System (Standard, Flex, Express and Duo Cycles.

    -Sterrad® 100NX with ALLClear® Technology.

    SKU: BT98

    Sterilization System (standard, Flex, Express and Duo Cycles)
    -V-Pro® S2 Low temperature sterilization System (Fast, Non Lumen, Lumen and Flexible Cycles)

    -V-Pro® maX 2 Low temperature sterilization System (Fast Non Lumen, Non Lumen, Lumen and Flexible Cycles)

    STERRAD is a registered trademark of ASP Global Manufacturing GmbH

    V-PRO is a registered trademark of STERIS Corporation.


    Turn data into
    valuable information
    for SPD management
    and control

    Hyper is part of the Terragene®´s quality control system with a 360° view over the entire Instrument Reprocessing cycle. Washing, Disinfection, Ispection and Sterilization quality controls may all be monitored, tracked and managed from a single and integrated cloud based platform: Terragene® Bionova® Cloud.

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