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Bionova Software for incubators and Trazanto System

Last version 4.6_BU239 16/07/2021
Multiple languages

The Automatic System for Quality Control & Traceability of infection control processes, or Bionova® Software, was designed to be used as the main tool for the traceability and recording of results of biological indicators with fluorescence readout.

This system allows to link all the information of the BI with the sterilizer and its manufacturer, the operator, the characteristics of the cycle and all the relevant data of the sterilization activities. The system allows storing data, documenting it and processing it historically in an useful and flexible database. The Hygiene Monitoring system allows tracing the status of the Protein Pen incubation and save all the measurements. This tool is operative from the Bionova® software version 2.2.

Minimum Requieriments
Operating System Windows 7 Or higher.
Net Framework 4.0.
Size: 80Mb.


Compatibility version: Windows XP

Bionova Software for incubators and Trazanto System.

Last version: 2.4.3

Date: 01/01/2021

Size: 18Mb

Firmware update utility

Bioupdate firmware updater for Bionova Incubators.

Last version: V2.39

Date: 16/07/2021

Size: 21Mb


Product Description for IC10/20

Product Description for IC10/20FR

Product Description for IC10/20RF LCD

Product Description for MiniBio

Product Description for MiniPro

Product Description for Scanner Trazanto



  • Trazanto was updated to version 4.1.
  • Added support for PCDBI2RC and LSF1 indicators.
  • Minor fixes.


  • Automatic time synchro temporarily disabled.
  • Manual time synchro temporarily disabled.
  • All because of a memory problem, product of the FPC 3.2.
  • Splash and trace screen updated.
  • Trazanto 3.0, added new indicators.


  • The name of “Bionova® Exchange Express” was changed to “Bionova® Exchange+”.
  • The option of printing results in PDF is removed.
  • Japanese is added to the list of compatible languages.


  • Communication security is improved. You must update the incubator firmware in order to use this version.
  • A new tool was incorporated, capable of generating a virtual ticket similar to the printed one, thus allowing the access to the last 50 incubations.
  • A new mode of Bionova ® Exchange License was added, in order to facilitate the exchange of data between systems.
  • All Biological and Hygiene Indicators’ incubations now have an identifying Ticket Number, also available on the incubator’s printed ticket.
  • Several functioning improvements.
  • Minor corrections in several languages.


  • The mandatory fields to be completed are indicated more clearly.
  • Text and labels corrections.
  • Improvement in IC1020FRLCD detection.
  • Minor corrections and improvements of functionality.
  • On the Chemical Indicator Results tabs, the “User Evaluation” column was added.


  • For cleaning indicators that were rejected, the detected ink area is marked.
  • Various improvements.


  • The compatibility of the “Automatic System for Quality Control and Traceability of Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization Processes Trazanto” is incorporated.
  • Setting of the number of mandatory fields to be filled in using the “Mandatory fields level” option.
  • Various usability and connectivity enhancements.


  • A new module called Bionova® Exchange is incorporated, which serves as an interface between compatible incubators and third party software, generating available files for the user to implement information exchange between the systems.
  • Traditional Chinese Language is added.
  • Korean Language is added.


  • General improvements.


  • Added functionality for fast PRO data loading via barcode Reading.
  • Chinese language was added.
  • Minor corrections.


  • PRO1VTN and PRO1VTP products added.
  • Load and calculation improvements for tool HTM01-01.
  • General improvements to PRO section.
  • General improvements.


  • Threshold selection is added for Pro1 Micro hygiene indicator results.
  • Improvements in data loading.
  • Improvements in detection service.


  • Support for incubator IC10/20FRLCD.
  • Support for multiple connected incubators.
  • Notifications of results in the background.
  • Possibility of user switching with ongoing incubations.
  • Wizard to configure WILINK.
Note 1: To run version 3.0 you need to have administrator rights on the operating system.
Note 2: Within the same network, version 3.0 of the Bionova® Software can be run on only one computer. Any other configurations do not ensure the correct collection of data.
  • The new programs corresponding to the new biological indicators were added: BT96 and BT224.
  • Temperature calibration functionality was added for MiniPro with its respective calibration certificate.


  • Incorporation of a new tool to establish an Internal Quality Assurance Scheme (IQAS) to monitor the efficiency of the cleaning process over time.
  • The time for the next temperature calibration was changed from 6 months to 12 months, in the certificates issued.
  • Available for IC10/20FR, Bionova® MiniBio and Bionova® MiniPro.
  • Download here the updated leaflet / product description.
  • Download here the updated user manual.
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