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Presented by: Harry Mullen, Augusto Sorrequieta 

Institution: Terragene

Duration: 26 Minutes

language: Spanish / Español

Format: Video/ presentation. Dividen in 5 chapters.

Introduction to Terragene products

Certification: The certification of this course will be provided by Terragene.


  • Chapter I Duration: 28 mins. Objectives: – Introduction to Terragene Company – Basic concepts: Washing, disinfection, and sterilization.
  • Chapter II Duration: 39 mins. Objectives: – Sterilization Technologies and how to control them. – Main products for washing control. – Main products for thermal disinfection processes control. – Indicators for hygiene control. – Endoscope reprocessing: PCDs.
  • Chapter III: Duration: 24 mins. Objectives: – Chemical indicators for sterilization control and their classification – Trazanto.
  • Chapter IV: Duration: 34 mins. Objectives: – Biological Indicators – Bionova cloud – Photon.
  • Chapter V: Duration: 23 mins. Objectives: – Environments and surfaces disinfection. – Digital Certification System (DCS).

Presented by: Harry Mullen

Institution: Central Sterilizations Solutions

Duration: 26 Minutes

language: Inglés

Format: Video/Presentación/Locucion
Tags: Infection control, Infection prevention, IFU

Terminal manual cleaning are you following best practice?

Certification: IAHCSMM / Terragene

The certification of this course will be provided by Terragene through the organization IAHCSMM.

Surgical site infections are an increasing health problem facing surgical practitioners in most developing countries.

Approximately 27 million surgical procedures are performed in the United States with up to 5% resulting in surgical site infections. Globally, 1.4 million incidences but varies widely across countries and is estimated to occur in at least 2% of surgeries.

Central Sterilization Solutions takes a look at the potential source from Central Processing Departments and to give an overview to bring attention to see if they are following best practice.


  • Cleaning, where does it begin.
  • Bio-Film, What are they and why do we need to know how. they are formed.
  • IFU´S-Are you following what the manufacturer is saying.
  • Do you have the proper tools.
  • Quality assurance-Tools.
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