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Steam Sterilization Monitoring: Bionova Biological Bundle

BT224 biological indicator

Bionova BT224 is an ultra-rapid self-contained biological indicator with fluorescence technology for steam sterilization monitoring. It can monitor steam sterilization processes and obtain results in less than 20 minutes. It is a product of unprecedented quality due to several factors: the raw material it is made of; the state-of-the-art technology it features; the production processes in which this product is used; and the strict quality controls it undergoes for its release. Additionally, Bionova BT224 is a biological indicator approved by the most prestigious regulatory agencies around the world, such as the USA FDA, China CDC, and TFDA (Taiwan)

MiniBio Auto-reader

By using any Terragene Bionova Auto-readers you can obtain the result of this biological indicator. Bionova MiniBio Auto-reader is the ideal choice for reading this ultra-fast indicator due to its versatility, size, and functionality. It allows the incubation and reading of the indicator by a fluorescence reading system specially developed for Bionova biological indicators. Among its unique features, the following stand out: capability of reading any Bionova biological indicator, including for monitoring any other sterilization process (steam, H2O2, EtO, and formaldehyde), triple-detector radial reading technology, and a built-in thermal printer to facilitate the physical recording of all the results

Bionova Software

This system becomes fully established when used together with the Bionova Software. This software carries out the traceability of all the results obtained through the BT224/MiniBio combination (in addition to reading the indicator and to correlate it to the sterilization cycles). Besides coordinating the storage of data, it allows the creation of statistics associated with them, studies of the sterilizer’s performance, and reports that can be shared with different members of the institution.

The Bionova bundle (BT224, MiniBio, and traceability software) represents the most complete, fast, adequate, and precise control for monitoring steam sterilization in health care. We continue to develop science to save lives and bring well-being to communities.
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