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Cookies policy

TERRAGENE collects data from all its websites, exclusively operated by it, and uses information as indicated in the Privacy Policy. One of the ways in which this is done is through the use of technology called “cookies”.
What is a “cookie”?

“Cookies” are Little text archives that are transfer to your computer or mobile device when you visit most of the website or applications. In this case, TERRAGENE’S website that you visit, transfer these cookies to your computer with the purpose to personalize your navigation, memorizing your settings and preferences, offering you interesting content. Beside, through TERRAGENE’S cookies, you get a safer navigation.

TERRAGENE uses cookies to:

• Keep a record of your website visits, memorizing your information for not have to provide it again and to keeping you connected, even in different vinculated devices, improving TERRAGENE’S website usability.

• Helping us to understand how people use our services, to improve them and personalize the website for anyone of them, memorizing their preferences and settings according last visits.

• To improve site technical functionalities, recording and reporting anonymous information about your use, and diminish navigation security risks.

• To Know whether our mails have been read and if you find them useful.

What is NOT a cookie and what information does it store?

A Cookie is not a virus, Trojan, spam or spyware. The data that it saves are only for technical character, statistics, and of personal preferences about content personalization regard your visit to any of TERRAGENE’S website. For example, information about the mobile device and navigator that you use, your IP address or domain name from that you connect to the websites, language configuration and privacy, URL of requests realized, requests schedule, user and password and other parameters relatives to the operative system and informatics environment used. However, it not stores sensitive information about you, as credit cards or banking data, pictures or personal information, unless you provide this information.The web server does not associate you as a person, instead your web navigator. In fact, if you navigate usually with a determined navigator, let’s say Chrome, and try visiting the same web with other navigator, you will note that the website won’t know that you are the same person.

Can I disable or delete cookies?

Once you accepted cookies utilization, you can change the TERRAGENE’S cookies configuration at any time, deactivating them or erasing or blocking one of them, of general form or for a particular domain. To eliminate these cookies, you have to go to navigator settings and there you could search the associated to the right domain, and keep with their elimination. Nevertheless, have in count that in the moment of eliminate the cookies, you will have to update your preferences and configurations any time that you sign in in any of the website, or whether you use a different device or pc profile, you will have to personalize the account again. Beside, eliminate the cookies can limit the TERRAGENE’S website functionalities that you visit and it is possible to don’t access to certain functions.

What are own and third party cookies?

Own cookies are the generated by the website that you are visiting, and the third ones are the generated by services or external providers as Mailchimp, Mailrelay, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. TERRAGENE uses third part cookies to recollect data, interact with social platforms, and they are regulated by its own privacy politics where they stablished its own use terms and deactivation systems.

This cookie policy has been updated for the last time on 06-01-2020.

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