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Bowie & Dick Test Pack: Good practices

Chemdye® Bowie & Dick Test Pack detects air leaks, inadequate air removal and steam penetration level in vacuum-assisted steam sterilizers. The Chemdye® Bowie & Dick Test Pack consists of a chemical indicator sheet between porous material sheets and wrapped forming a package, with a steam indicator label. The central sheet, with a regular pattern, corresponds to a Bowie & Dick classic indicator.

Terragene® manufacture different presentations of Bowie & Dick Test Packs according to the market demands and regulations.
The Bowie & Dick Test Pack should be used daily, before running the first load of the day, after a sterilizer is installed or relocated, after a sterilizer malfunction, after sterilization process failures and after any major repairs of the sterilizer. A shortened cycle (i.e., a cycle omitting the post-vacuum drying phase) should be run first to properly heat up the sterilizer.
Follow the instruction below for a valid result of the Bowie & Dick test:

Place the Bowie & Dick Test Pack horizontally with its label facing up in an empty vacuum-assisted sterilizer chamber, in the bottom/front of the sterilizer rack, and over the drain.
Run the corresponding Bowie & Dick cycle.
After completing the cycle, retrieve and examine the chemical indicator sheet.

This indicator changes from yellow to dark brown/black when processed. Any  unexpected color change, such as lighter areas in the center of the sheet or different colors in the edges (i.e., a non-uniform color change) indicates an air pocket during the cycle due to sterilizer malfunction. Some examples below:
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Indicator Types
Read-Out Time