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Infection Prevention

Every year, millions of patients are threatened by Healthcare-associated Infections, a global public health problem. To fight against pathogens, infection prevention is essential. Effective infection prevention and control programs impact substantially and positively not only in human life but also in cost associated with health care services. With science applied to humanity, we can improve patient safety and contribute to a healthier world.

In recent years, the field of infection prevention has been substantially transformed by the emergence of prions diseases. These infectious agents have revolutionized paradigms, leading to changes in washing, hygiene, disinfection, and sterilization processes. Our technologies are up to the most complex challenges.

We provide solutions for human life

The control of infectious diseases has been one of the most important milestones of humanity. In the field of infection prevention, time is limited and demands are increasing. We know that a few minutes can define the course of events.

Improving your life​

Being at the forefront of infection control means providing advanced solutions that save time and resources. At Terragene, we think this way. And we do it this way. We seek to optimize the work processes within the sterilization departments. We know that every action counts: a human error can end a life.

We are leaders in what we do

We are experts in creating solutions that makes people’s lives easier and better! The pandemic made it clear more than ever how important the use of high-quality solutions is to sterilization monitoring, especially given the need to speed up processes to help more patients faster.

Infectious diseases are one of the biggest risks facing humanity. We know that fully understanding this global risk and working to fight it can help us overcome it. Let’s work together to protect what matters most!

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