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Board of Directors

Esteban Lombardia

Bachelor of Genetics (National University of Misiones) and Doctor in Biological Sciences from the Faculty of Sciences Biochemical and Pharmaceutical (National University of Rosario), specialized in molecular biology and bacterial physiology. He worked at the National Council for Scientific Research and techniques. He was a doctoral researcher at the National Agency for the Promotion of Research, Technological Development and Innovation. In 2006 he co-founded Terragene. He has been CEO of Terragene for 16 years.

"Argentina has the strongest entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America, we must continue to develop science and technology to contribute to improving people's quality of life."


Adrián Rovetto

Bachelor of Biotechnology (National University of Rosario) Co-founder and Vice President of Terragene. Co-founder of Protergium. From the beginning, it has been driven by a passion to develop products that have a positive impact and improve the quality of people's lives. For him, the global economy of knowledge requires that we combine science, innovation, productive capacity and technology so that societies can achieve greater well-being.


Maximiliano Catalano

Maximiliano joined Terragene and was appointed Board Member and Managing Director on 1st October 2020. He is a qualified Industrial Engineer graduating from Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires, and has also completed a Master in Finance from Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, management programmes at IAE Business School, and the Science and Business of Biotechnology from MIT. Max was born and educated in Argentina and has a career of 25 years in the energy industry, spanning operationes, finance, strategy, technology management and digital innovation. Max is committed to boost the global team, to scale up the business expansion and to promote corporate culture and purpose.


Franco Airasca

Franco serves as Director of Business Development and member of the company’s board. He is responsible for leading the infection prevention division business development in more than 70 markets globally. Prior to join Terragene, he held a variety of senior leadership and management positions within the occupational health industry and service industries. Self-discipline and resilience are essential virtues for success according to him and he is motivated to be part of a group of people at Terragene that reflects these concepts on a daily basis.


Darío Lurati

Darío Lurati is a Certified Public Accountant who graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Rosario, with a specialization in US Gaap and IFRS. He has 27 years of work experience, having worked for the last 16 years in Administration and Finance and Supply Chain Management positions in various industries, and with a wide range of administration and management systems. He believes that Terragene has no limits in its global projection due to its management approach and the innovative quality of its R&D, so he wants to contribute with his experience to provide financial solutions that allow this growth.


Nicolás Creus

Nicolás Creus serves as Director of International Business and is a member of the company board. Nicolás has a large experience in the international field. He has a BA and is PhD candidate in International Relations at Universidad Nacional de Rosario. He was also a Fulbright scholar in the International Seminar for Young Leaders at University of Massachusetts. At Terragene, he is responsible for leading the expansion of the infection prevention division business in the international field, developing strategies and driving negotiations in more than 70 countries all around the world. For him, expanding ideas and innovation globally is inspiring. Thinking from a global perspective is key for mitigating risks and introducing real and sustainable changesoriented to build a better world.

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